Westcoast Castle Agistment Centre constantly strives to produce the best quality pastures possible for our horses. Our paddocks are fully reticulated all year round ensuring green pastures all year for your horse. Our paddocks are weed free due to our diligent weed control. Our pastures are seeded with annual kikuyu and perennial south west pasture mix containing rye grass as well as white clover to increase soil health. Healthy horses need healthy pastures. In order to ensure pastures are healthy and mineral rich, Westcoast Castle carries out regular soil and grass tissue tests to ensure that pastures contain the correct amount of minerals needed for optimum growth as well as health. Westcoast Castle also regularly fertilises pastures and applies wetting agents to increase growth rates.



All our fencing and gates are maintained in excellent conditioned. Post and rail fencing covers the entire property with double electric wires to prevent wood chewing and teaches horses respect for fences. All our gate latches are horse safe preventing injury and escape artists from escaping.




Each horse on our property is paddocked individually to prevent injury however horses are always able to see another horse and usually touch over fences to keep them happy. All paddocks have large automatic water troughs to ensure horses have constant access to clean fresh water. All paddocks contain natural shade from trees allowing horses to escape the summer sun.



Westcoast Castle Agistment centre has 4 indoor walk-in-walk-out stables. They are able to be shut to large boxes to utilise the stable lights in winter. Each stable contains automatic water troughs and hay feeders as well as ledges for feed bins. Horses within the stables are always able to see another horse to keep horses happy.

There are also large outdoor stables containing hay feeders and automatic water troughs. Horses in outdoor stables are also able to see the horse next to them.

Bedding in both indoor and outdoor stables consists of a limestone base to help drain the urine from the bedding. Riversand covers the limestone base which creates a comfortable bedding for horses to lie down on and drains well.

Our stable complex also contains a hot and cold concreted wash bay under lights allowing riders to prepare their horses for an event regardless of the weather. There is a washing machine available for washing horse rugs, saddle blankets etc. The spacious tack room is rodent proof, fully lockable and insured just in case anything unexpected happens, your gear will be covered. The hay and feed storage room is located away from the horses to help decrease any fire risk.



20m x 40m fully fenced floodlit river sand arena allows for safe riding regardless of the time of day and amount of sunlight. The surface is regularly harrowed to prevent undulations as well as watered to prevent the surface getting dusty during the warmer months.

Fully fenced 20m river sand round yard provides a safe environment for lunging which does not interfere with people using the arena. The surface is also wet down to prevent dust.

There are trot poles, Jump for Joy showjumps and cones available for use at all times.

2 fence lines of the property border part of the darling downs trail network. A back gate on the property opens straight onto the bridle paths. Westcoast Castle Agistment Centre is located only a quick ride to the 50 acre common area filled with cross country jumps, full sized arenas, a track for slow work as well as the extensive of bridle paths linking Darling Downs with Oakford and Byford.